• Patti Smith 

    I had long heard the name Patti Smith and associated it with the exciting time in NYC, somewhere between Warhol and the Ramones. I thought of her first as a musician, like an American PJ Harvey perhaps – though she’s… Read more →

  • The Datsuns with Bloodbags at the KA 

    What can I say about the Datsuns that I didn’t say last time I heard them play? Last night in a sweltering, sweaty Kings Arms they over-delivered on the rock n roll. Tight as hell while also—to my ears—more Beatle-ish… Read more →

  • Splore Festival 2016 

    This was my third trip to Splore, the scenic festival about an hour south of Auckland.  They say it’s an integrated, eco-aware, family-friendly event and that it’s not all about the music—but the music is always gonna be top of… Read more →

  • Osho 

    Today I was tidying up my papers in preparation for going back to NZ from Saudi and I came across a pamphlet on Rudra Meditation, which I’d been meaning to read for years. The final pointer was: “The greatest sadhana… Read more →

  • Hannah Wants 

    Living in Saudi, I’ve spent more time than usual in my room listening to music online. The first six months were dominated by drum n bass. House fell flat on my ears; the 4/4 beat bored me. Then scrolling through… Read more →

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