• Philosophy of Mind and the Body 


    As a teenager I was certain there was life after death and at university I learned this meant I sat on the side of Dualism when it came to the Mind/Body philosophical conundrum. According to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy… Read more →

  • Greek Mythology according to Stephen Fry 

    Greek Mythology PHAETON

    Mythology Versus Religion Reading Stephen Fry’s retelling of Greek mythology in his novel Mythos, I had an epiphany as to how it is possible for Creationists to believe the world was created in six days, little more than 6000 years… Read more →

  • Anti-Social Media 

    Black Mirror USS Callister

    Zadie Smith recently released a collection of essays in a book called Feel Free. One of the older essays, Generation Why?, is a review of the Facebook-inspired movie The Social Network as well as a savage indictment of social media… Read more →

  • A+ Women Writers 

    Michelle Tea Black Wave

    Solipsistic, narcissistic, neurotic – these terms could relate equally to myself as to the protagonists of pretty much every book I’ve managed to finish over the last couple of years. I can’t seem to deviate from thirty-something females living in… Read more →

  • Master of Creative Writing 

    Literature meme

    Halfway through the programme, the time seems ripe to commit a few phrases to memory. The novel I’m writing as my thesis will be my sixth and I’m doing a masters in order to understand the process better, and to… Read more →

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