• Greek Mythology according to Stephen Fry 

    Greek Mythology PHAETON

    Mythology Versus Religion Reading Stephen Fry’s retelling of Greek mythology in his novel Mythos, I had an epiphany as to how it is possible for Creationists to believe the world was created in six days, little more than 6000 years… Read more →

  • Anti-Social Media 

    Black Mirror USS Callister

    Zadie Smith recently released a collection of essays in a book called Feel Free. One of the older essays, Generation Why?, is a review of the Facebook-inspired movie The Social Network as well as a savage indictment of social media… Read more →

  • A+ Women Writers 

    Michelle Tea Black Wave

    Solipsistic, narcissistic, neurotic – these terms could relate equally to myself as to the protagonists of pretty much every book I’ve managed to finish over the last couple of years. I can’t seem to deviate from thirty-something females living in… Read more →

  • Master of Creative Writing 

    Literature meme

    Halfway through the programme, the time seems ripe to commit a few phrases to memory. The novel I’m writing as my thesis will be my sixth and I’m doing a masters in order to understand the process better, and to… Read more →

  • Swing Time by Zadie Smith 

    Zadie Smith

    Unlike my other literary heroines—Jane Austen and George Eliot—I feel lucky to be Zadie Smith’s contemporary and to have read each of her novels upon release. I’ve grown up with her themes and Swing Time is no exception. The details… Read more →

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