• ASMR on YouTube 

    ASMR Olivia Kissper

    What is ASMR? I first heard of ASMR when I was living in Saudi Arabia, trawling the internet at night, as everyone who lives alone in a studio apartment is wont to do. For the uninitiated, ASMR stands for autonomous… Read more →

  • The Press Room, Chicago 

    A Restaurant and Wine Bar in West Loop The Press Room is one of the closest restaurants to where we live and has all the makings of a local favorite. Walking past, I had spied the cosy looking basement lounge… Read more →

  • Cormac McCarthy – All The Pretty Horses 

    wild horses

    It doesn’t matter how much I read, I never seem to make any headway on the literary canon: novels by the likes of Cormac McCarthy, Saul Bellows, Toni Morrison, and Virginia Woolf — not to mention the sagas of Homer… Read more →

  • Westworld Season Two 

    The nature of reality. Existential crises. Free will versus determinism. These are all my favorite things and Westworld showrunner Jonathan Nolan continues to make wondrous contributions to the perennial debate: what is real and what is a mirage? Check this… Read more →

  • Philosophy of Mind and the Body 


    As a teenager I was certain there was life after death and at university I learned this meant I sat on the side of Dualism when it came to the Mind/Body philosophical conundrum. According to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy… Read more →

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