• Brazil Tech, Ink Bar, 23/03/11 

    Having worked at Ink on and off for years, it’s easy to spot whether a night has a genuine point of difference, or if it’s just another DJ line-up with a pretty flyer. This party has been going for a… Read more →

  • What makes me different? 

    I kept a blog when I was living in Japan almost ten years ago and so my point of difference was obvious. I was going to interesting places, meeting interesting people, and learning interesting things all the time. Starting a… Read more →

  • Q&A about Houston’s scene 

    This was originally published on worlddj.com Despite being the fourth largest city in the US after New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, comparatively little has been said about Houston in terms of electronic music. I asked Nathan Stewart and Mario… Read more →

  • Bodyrock DJs Q&A 

    This was originally published on worlddj.com. The pic is from their myspace page. Now that we’re safely ensconced in the mid-naughties, it seems like the superclub heyday is over and the underground is making a comeback. The time is right,… Read more →

  • Miles Maeda Q&A 

    This was originally published on worlddj.com Having shifted to Chicago from Hawaii in the late 80s, Miles Maeda was perfectly positioned to hone his skills as a DJ/producer in the city. A recent mix entitled “The New House Sound of… Read more →

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