• Hemingway 

    This pic is snuck from the fabulous blog: fuckyeahhemingway.tumblr.com where it was submitted by somebody called jwock. I’ve loved a lot of Hemingway’s work but I’d particularly recommend the book I just read:  Islands in the Stream. It’s broken into… Read more →

  • Noise Control 

    To quote my own novel: “It’s so wack and it happens all the time: places get hip on the strength of their nightlife and independent vibe then corporate types move in and make it mediocre faster than it takes a… Read more →

  • Spiritual Dangers of Drugs and Clubs 

      Everyone knows the physical and mental risks that drugs pose to living people, but what if they also threaten your well-being beyond the grave? Of course you’ll need to believe in an Afterlife to even consider this, but I… Read more →

  • How to Write a Novel 

    Although most of my work is still confined to my hard drive, I’ve been writing non-stop since I was 17 and have reason to believe I will some day succeed as a published author. Sometimes I’m even solicited for advice… Read more →

  • The Placebo Effect 

    At Womad a week ago, I went to the Village of Wellness and had a chakra balancing session. This involved sitting backwards on a tilted chair, face pressed into a cushioned-hole, clutching a big crystal in each hand, while a… Read more →

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