Spiritual Dangers of Drugs and Clubs


Everyone knows the physical and mental risks that drugs pose to living people, but what if they also threaten your well-being beyond the grave? Of course you’ll need to believe in an Afterlife to even consider this, but I was just doing some research about auras for my new novel and came across this site (admittedly it looks extremely new age, but bear with me):


I then clicked on Drug Free Society and read this:

“There are mainly two things that can seriously damage the information stored in our astral body and hence hurt us for many lifetimes to come: drugs and a loud noise. Both can actually significantly reverse the Universal process of our conscious evolution. Let me explain why.

They can destroy or even erase important information already stored in our consciousness and replace it with false data. Such re-programming of consciousness may take us many lifetimes to correct. The extent of the damage depends on how long a person has been subject to these harmful influences.

I have held long and exhausting discussions with people who used hallucinogenic drugs. Nearly all of them were impressed by “visions”, “trips” or “hallucinations” and argued that drugs help them to increase their awareness. Actually, nothing can be further from the truth than such a statement. The ability of Astral travel is a natural ability and every child can do it. There is absolutely no need to use drugs. All you need is to learn meditation, concentration and practice them everyday.

Imagine getting a University degree in engineering or medicine for watching ads and scrambled fantasy movies on TV. This is what drugs do: entertain you. You will need to re-learn everything from the beginning if you ever need to USE the knowledge, erased by false and distorted information generated with drugs. There are no shortcuts in the spiritual and conscious evolution. This is the Law of the Universe.”

“High intensity noise such as discos, or prolonged annoying noise (such as traffic) distorts the communication with our “Higher Self” or our Higher Consciousness, which is our direct connection to the Source of our own consciousness. As a result, our “Higher Self” not only receives distorted information, but information already stored there may be also distorted. Since it is our Higher Consciousness which stores all we have learnt during all our lifetimes, resulting “parasite” information may take many lifetimes to correct.

According to the information of Thaora, “if people could see the damage to their Astral bodies and consciousness caused by loud discos, they would escape from any disco quicker than if the place was on fire”.

People frequently ask me if wearing ear plugs reduces the danger. Ears are natural sensors and they are designed to warn us with unpleasant sensations if we are at danger. Wearing earplugs at discos is much like taking anaesthetic and plunging into a boiling water – you are going to hurt yourself a lot, but you choose to muffle natural sensations and ignore the danger.”


… Food for thought anyway!





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