Books by Elizabeth Allan

  • Greyscale by Elizabeth Allan


    Status: seeking representation after a developmental mentorship with Hachette Australia

    In New Zealand in 2037, conventional farming is untenable. Foreign agricultural corporations control the country. Beatrice Talbot knows modified food is killing people, but she doesn't know if her husband is part of the problem or the solution. More →

  • Dreams of a Family Tree by Elizabeth Allan

    Dreams of a Family Tree

    Status: seeking representation

    Luke Armstrong travels through time in his sleep; Marigold Kamo suffers from a nightmare in which she's stuck in a stifling room. Together they must gain mastery over their visions so an ancestor may be laid to rest. More →

  • Afterhours by Elizabeth Allan


    Status: available on request

    A new nightclub on the wrong side of town. Eight interconnected lives. From a globetrotting DJ to the renegade manager, an awkward acolyte to the wealthy developer, everyone's struggling to make a mark in the scene—even as the club is threatened by anti-rave legislation. More →

  • Afterlives by Elizabeth Allan


    Status: available on request

    An apocalyptic 2012 sequel to Afterhours in which the nightclub has become a refuge from geopolitical turmoil. The last place a teenage girl wants to be is tucked up in her parents' gated community. Setting out in search of the cultural real deal, she gets into the club just before a cataclysmic earthquake kills seven of the crew. Who will live and who will die? Who will find life after death? More →

  • Manchester 1999 A.D. by Elizabeth Allan

    Manchester 1999 A.D.

    Status: available on request

    Jeremy and Julian are best friends and also the worst of enemies. Already disgusted their football club, Man City, is two tiers below Man United, their relationship sours further when Jeremy appears to be the new Jesus everyone has been waiting for. But anything Jeremy can do, Julian thinks he can do better. More →

  • Shadows Are Moving by Elizabeth Allan

    Shadows Are Moving

    Status: not published

    When her friend suddenly dies, a teenage girl sets out to understand the purpose of life by examining her own journey from birth to 1996. Family dynamics, new towns, new schools, and shifting circles of friends and acquaintances—all bring her to conclude that nothing in this world is permanent. More →