Elizabeth wrote this hedonistic trio of books aged 18 to 32, at a time when nightclubs ruled the counterculture. Her most recent two novels are currently under revision.

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Manchester 1999 A.D.

Philosophy: “Yo soy Dios pero tu eres tambien.” = I am God but so are you.

It’s 1999 and Manchester City Football Club is in the Second Division, two tiers below loathed rivals Man United. For two long-suffering fans, the upcoming millennium is only adding to the tension. Jeremy doesn’t care if the end of the world is nigh; Julian has high hopes for a miracle. Then an ex-girlfriend shows up and rocks the boat just as one of the boys starts pulling supernatural stunts. Could he be the new messiah?

A homage to Manchester and the city’s massive contribution to pop culture. I lived there during the exact period in which the story is set: December 1998 to May 1999.


Philosophy: “The grass aint always greener on the other side.” 

Eight people pulled into the orb of a hot new nightclub: an old-money developer tries his hand at a different game; a renegade DJ lands the manager’s job; a banker moonlights as a bouncer; a reclusive model steps out to work the door; a burnt out DJ ditches NYC for the Friday night residency; a desperate farmer’s wife takes a catering job; an awkward kid will do anything to escape his family; a socialite thinks it’s all about her.

Taking place over 28 nights in June 2003, Afterhours is an all-access pass to a city after dark.


Philosophy: “Valar morghulis.” = All men must die. 

Valhalla is one of the last strongholds of civilization in the USA, but it’s a city divided. After the council enacted identity laws and built a wall to keep refugees out, the inner districts fought for independence and the right to let them in. Meanwhile, a 16-year-old girl flees her suburban castle in search of people to party with until the very end. Who will live and who will die? And who will find life after death?

The sequel to Afterhours, this is a 2012 apocalyptic satire that sees most of the original gang living in the nightclub they established nine years earlier.


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