• Bill Cunningham: New York 

    What an adorable, life-affirming documentary! I was pretty sure the film would be up my alley because I’m interested in New York and fashion and streetwear and high society and artistry, which are all amply represented. But Bill Cunningham himself… Read more →

  • Sage & Wine 

    I love all the usual garden herbs but here are two recipes that happen to feature sage and wine. One also features leek and I await its appearance at the market each season so that I can make this very… Read more →

  • Street Lit 

    I’ve changed my URL to Street-lit.com as part of the marketing strategy for my novels. Street Literature encompasses modern urban life: pop culture, music, fashion, slang, partying, ambition, creativity, despair… wracked by guilt for how far we’ve come from our… Read more →

  • Manchester City Football Club 

    *Well serves me right for being pessimistic: I must update this post because City have just won the league!!! Brilliant. **Now they are utterly dominating I’m embarrassed to say I adopted them! So it’s pretty much inevitable that United will… Read more →

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