Brazil Tech, Ink Bar, 23/03/11

Having worked at Ink on and off for years, it’s easy to spot whether a night has a genuine point of difference, or if it’s just another DJ line-up with a pretty flyer. This party has been going for a while now but it was the first time I’ve been. A few things stood out:

  • They beefed up the soundsystem, which is cool, but the opening DJs played too loud.
  • They beefed up the lighting, which I liked, though some dancers at the end of the floor asked if one big light could be turned off because it kept shining in their eyes.
  • They put an AV screen behind the DJ booth. Interesting visuals are sadly lacking from most Auckland club events and when people do put them down Ink, they tend to be on the wall opposite the booth. Either way, I like it.
  • The music was truly techy. It’s hopeless trying to explain the variants of house music to people who don’t care, but if you do, it was chunky, grunty, up-tempo stuff. I liked the promoter’s set best. His name is Rafa Kao. One DJ took it into slightly deeper, more melodic territory (didn’t take note of which) and I preferred the others.
  • The crowd featured many Brazilians but there was also an up-for-it Kiwi turn out.

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