• Hannah Wants 

    Living in Saudi, I’ve spent more time than usual in my room listening to music online. The first six months were dominated by drum n bass. House fell flat on my ears; the 4/4 beat bored me. Then scrolling through… Read more →

  • Wayne Dyer’s Books 

    I plan to read all of Dr. Wayne Dyer‘s books and quote my favourite parts below. I’ve realised some of the 41 books shown on his website include anthologies or re-editions, so I’m aiming to read the 34 listed on… Read more →

  • A Night in Riyadh, KSA 

    Until last night my experience of Riyadh nightlife consisted only of going to and from a mall: sitting in the school bus or a taxi, inching along the enormous highways in a traffic jam or zooming through the glittering lights… Read more →

  • Saudi Moments 

    Saudi white camels

    A few whimsical memories of my time living in KSA. It wasn’t all bad!! Passing a spice shop and taking a breath of cardamon and cinnamon then a second later catching a whiff of the sewer. Buying an ice cream… Read more →

  • TC DNB 

      It was last century that I got excited about a particular drum n bass producer but listening to a Respect podcast last night, a tune by TC caught my ear. I’ve now listened to a good chunk of his… Read more →

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