• Game of Thrones 

    Better late than never, as they say. The HBO series based on George R.R. Martin’s books has been winning viewers steadily since it first aired a few years ago, and I am its latest super fan. I had seen the… Read more →

  • Kiesza 

    Idly watching music videos on TV a few months ago, I sat up and took note of an upbeat house track fronted by an athletic girl dancing around the streets of Brooklyn. It was Canadian artist Kiesza with her runaway… Read more →

  • “A Crude Awakening” 

    This doco was released in 2006 but the facts remain valid and it’s well worth a look. Oil is a pet hate of mine and I was half expecting to have heard all the horror tales before but there was… Read more →

  • Renegade Collective Magazine 

    As part of a birthday package, my mother recently hunted around for a magazine that she thought I’d like and came up with Renegade Collective, which neither of us had seen before. The Aussie mag proved to be a great… Read more →

  • Melvin the Dragon 

    Melvin the dragon lived in a cave on top of a hill and at the bottom of the hill was a village called Idyll. Melvin couldn’t breathe fire and had stubby little wings, so had no chance of flying, except… Read more →

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