• Saudi Arabia: Part 2 

    So I’ve been here over four months now and a few things are standing out in my experience… but excuse the mostly unrelated photos as it’s not very cool to take pics in public. The first thing is the beggars.… Read more →

  • Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel 

      I haven’t found anything wildly compelling to read since devouring the first five books in George R. R. Martin’s series A Song of Ice and Fire, in the wake of watching four seasons of the TV show (Game of… Read more →

  • Saudi Arabia: First Impressions 

    I landed on the 18th December, after 31 hours travel, feeling shattered and worried I’d made a big mistake. I’d been told I would be met at the airport by someone who would have a sign. I interpreted this to… Read more →

  • MONO at Ink Bar 

    The Auckland club scene is slowly crawling back to life but punters have few choices outside Ink Bar and Access on K Rd; Cassette 9 and Roxy downtown, or a smattering of upmarket venues around the Britomart/Viaduct area. And with… Read more →

  • Queen + Adam Lambert 

    All my Christmases came at once last night when I got to witness half of the original Queen line-up perform with my favourite American Idol contestant. I’ve watched docos, read books and tried every one of the band’s 15 albums:… Read more →

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