• Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel 

      I haven’t found anything wildly compelling to read since devouring the first five books in George R. R. Martin’s series A Song of Ice and Fire, in the wake of watching four seasons of the TV show (Game of… Read more →

  • Saudi Arabia: First Impressions 

    I landed on the 18th December, after 31 hours travel, feeling shattered and worried I’d made a big mistake. I’d been told I would be met at the airport by someone who would have a sign. I interpreted this to… Read more →

  • MONO at Ink Bar 

    The Auckland club scene is slowly crawling back to life but punters have few choices outside Ink Bar and Access on K Rd; Cassette 9 and Roxy downtown, or a smattering of upmarket venues around the Britomart/Viaduct area. And with… Read more →

  • Queen + Adam Lambert 

    All my Christmases came at once last night when I got to witness half of the original Queen line-up perform with my favourite American Idol contestant. I’ve watched docos, read books and tried every one of the band’s 15 albums:… Read more →

  • Game of Thrones 

    Better late than never, as they say. The HBO series based on George R.R. Martin’s books has been winning viewers steadily since it first aired a few years ago, and I am its latest super fan. I had seen the… Read more →

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