It was last century that I got excited about a particular drum n bass producer but listening to a Respect podcast last night, a tune by TC caught my ear. I’ve now listened to a good chunk of his back catalogue (debuting in 2002), as well as skim-read the blog on his website. This #sixtyminutes mix serves as a perfect intro. To me, music of this calibre makes the world feel more fun and art seem like an urgent cause.

A few things stand out:

  • He’s a GC, sharing loads of technical tips and tricks for kids coming through, including the number one rule of being nice to everyone.
  • His tough beats and bouncy basslines are riddled with vocals and samples, plus there are plenty of bootlegs – all essential elements for hooking female fans.
  • He has a gorgeous wolfish dog, which seems to be the basis for his logo.
TC tc logo TC's dog


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