The Devil’s Jukebox

devil's jukebox

This party was spawned down at Ink Bar, where, for a few heady weeks, live bands sweated it up in the bunker lounge as a ragtag bunch of mods and rockers looked on from the foyer. But being as Ink isn’t usually open on a Thursday and doesn’t usually cater for the rock crowd, the night died an early death.Then earlier this year it was re-born at Golden Dawn, minus co-founder Jimmy Xmas, who may or may not make a guest appearance at the new venue one of these days. The poster says to expect Punk, Funk, Soul and Rock n Roll, but with no Mr Xmas there is a little less punk in the mix. Mr Lockley can, however, be relied upon to bring the funk (he has an incredible collection on vinyl, and endless tidbits of information about that obscure drummer from somewhere that once featured on something), while The Professor has a particular penchant for stoner rock and the blues.


Bars have been popping up all around Auckland city lately but I try and avoid heading down the valley when possible, and prefer to lurk along the flat L of Ponsonby and K Roads. At the heart of the area, in more ways than one, lies Golden Dawn. Excellent Sunday Star Times journo Grant Smithies recently raved about the place and I can only concur. The food and drink are good and the music is not your usual, which draws a more discerning crowd.

“Always a pleasure, never a chore,” as the saying goes.

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