The Defendants – a hard blues band fronted by my fiancee, with our friend Sam on guitar/bass and changing other members. – a cool, funny chick representing NZ across the arts.

The Paris Review – literary magazine: I love the archive of author interviews.

I plan to fully investigate the 25 literary sites mentioned on

Dazed and Confused – a London-based harbinger of all things cool and cutting edge. Founded by Jefferson Hack, who also publishes Another Mag. – a site packed with info and music, courtesy of Bill Brewster, who co-wrote the definitive history of electronic music, Last Night a DJ Saved my Life.

Studio South – my friend’s brilliant design company.

Blacksmith – my friends’ company to get businesses moving forward with an eye on community engagement.

Bendelta – my friend’s groundbreaking Strategic Leadership company.

Vanity Fair – my favourite mag: covers pop, fashion and music culture, as well as in-depth political, business and environmental issues.

Brainpickings – quality independent journalism. – I’m not sure of the scope and implications of this site yet but it seems important.



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