About Me

Hi, I’m Elizabeth.

England, 2011.

Born in New Zealand in 1980, I’ve been working on one novel or another since I was 16. After each new project I’ve been convinced I was about to break through and dominate the world but the stars have yet to align. In the meantime, I’ve been honing my style and softening my blunt personality.

Education-wise, I’ve got a BA in English Lit, a Grad Dip in Journalism and a Cambridge teaching certificate. I’ve taught English in NZ, Japan and Saudi Arabia. I’m also licensed to run a bar and spent years trying to run an unruly nightclub. I love food and music; at parties you’ll usually find me in the kitchen doing the dishes or sorting the rubbish.

My books are a reflection on modern city life, swathed in good music and littered with pop culture, while also addressing social issues. Authors I identify with are Zadie Smith, Nick Hornby, and Irvine Welsh.


Muriwai Beach, NZ, 2013.

My first novella was an autobiographical oddity that I wrote on an electronic typewriter in 1997 and had saved only on a floppy disc, until finally typing it up on my laptop a couple of years ago.

My first publishable work was a nod to Manchester City Football Club, and to Mancunian music and culture in general. Each chapter is based on a match day between late December and mid-May 1998/99, when the club was in the second division and I was living a 10-minute walk from Maine Road.

I’ve been heavily into electronic music since I was 15 and my latter two books revolve around a nightclub in a fictitious US city. Though I missed the advent of house in Chicago and the summer of love in Madchester, I did get to witness the birth of drum n bass in Auckland in the mid-’90s. Then as soon as I turned 18 I went to London and Bristol to immerse myself in the stuff. At Cream in Liverpool I was converted to house and techno.

Chicago, circa 2004.

Chicago, 2004.

Later, while living in Japan, I got to hear many of the world’s best DJs play in some truly exceptional clubs. I also took R&D trips to San Francisco, Chicago and Koh Phangan, and got a taste for the very best and possibly very worst the places had to offer. I returned to Auckland in 2005.

My middle two books, Afterhours and Afterlives, are a tribute to nightclub culture and underground music people in general.

In 2011 I went to London, Berlin, and New York; it was the first time I was out by day more than by night, but I still managed to round the expedition off with a wild ride through the clubs of Friedrichshain. Many of the pics on this blog were taken on that trip.

Nowadays I’m more into cooking than clubbing so I’ve drawn a line under those party books. Last year I finished a novel about a time-traveling roadtrip. I’m currently studying a Masters in Creative Writing at AUT.


Visit my bookshops on Lulu & Amazon

Lulu.com/spotlight/ebethallan for paperbacks direct from the source. Amazon.com/author/ebethallan for the paperbacks, or Kindle e-books.

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